Work in English

My work in English includes articles and interviews for DazedA New Type of Imprint, Oslo Runway PaperBrygg MagazineTableau Paper, and the official LFW Handbook


«...From those epic late nineties Calvin Klein campaigns with Kate Moss, to working with an endless list of the worlds most well-known brands and celebrities, collaborating with the Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic and filming and directing music videos for the trip hop band Massive Attack— this is the story of a man, DUSAN RELJIN, whose work as a photographer has picked him up and shaken him around the world, time and time again...»

Timeless objects

«...A product designer’s mission to elevate everyday objects from the mundane to the absolutely alluring has taken her from the drizzly cobblestoned alleys of Bergen down to the sparkly urban Berlin and back again. An epoch instilling in her an infatuation with numbers, a longing for timelessness, a question of her connection to her Scandinavian roots — and most importantly — a quest to discover sparks of unfamiliar color within familiar territory...»