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My work in English includes articles and interviews for i-DDazed, Vogue Scandinavia, Glamcult, Scön!, Bricks, NovembreA New Type of Imprint, Oslo Runway PaperBrygg MagazineTableau Paper, and the official London Fashion Week Magazine. 

SCHÖN!: Bedroom fantasies: staying hysterically glamorous in the love house

Writer Caroline Krager, stylist Marko Vrbos and photographer Anna Rosova have joined forces to tell a story of personal space, how it is created and the daydreams born within it. Bedroom Fantasies: Staying hysterically glamorous in the Love house explores these ideas, pairing styles from up-and-coming designers with interviews with the designers themselves. Krager leads this Schön! exclusive Q&A.

Novembre Magazine: Show Report on Charlotte Knowles SS20 show during LFW

".....The series of earthquakes that is the #metoo movement has catalysed the nouveau vague of feminism-as-girlpower-quotes and embrace-your-body-selfies on social media. That catalyst has also undoubtedly affected the fashion industry. We've seen a wide array of brands attempting to empower women by meshing the classically feminine and soft with the bold, covered-up and almost armour-like in their collections...."
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